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Are You Defenseless Without A Firearm?
by Rick Saxby

Probably every person who has a carry permit in the United States has at least one other weapon on them other than their pistol; I would be willing to bet it is a folding knife. I would also bet that they have never practiced with their folding knives and practice with their carry pistol extensively. In this article I will go over what I believe to be some rather important facts as to why you should also train with your knife that you carry as much as you train with your pistol. First of all, I have read on countless forums the argument that concealed carry is a lifestyle and the hardcore carriers make habits of avoiding places that forbid civilians from carrying pistols onto the premisses. This simply isn't possible. Here are just a few of the places under federal and state laws where civilians cannot, under any circumstances, carry a firearm: 1. Commercial airline travel 2. Work (Most employers will not let their employees carry guns to work) 3. Government establishments such as the DMV, courtrooms (Jury duty) and the post office 4. Colleges and any sports games on campus 5. High schools and any sports games on campus You see, the horrible thing about these laws is they make these places a virtual turkey shoot to anybody who desires to go on a shooting spree. And the truth is, civilians who take the carry permit class and fill out the paper work pretend that they are now special and can somehow avoid places were no civilian, one-day class taken or not, can step inside with a firearm. These places are impossible to avoid for any member of our society. It is a fact that any normal person of average health can travel about 7 yards in 2 seconds with a contact weapon such as a knife. It takes a person who trains with his pistol about 1.5 seconds to take the gun from the holster aim and get off a shot or two on average. So unless you're very aware of your surroundings and the person's attack cues, you are getting stabbed. And even if you did get a shot off you're probably still getting stabbed. I'm not telling anyone to bring a knife to a gun fight, I'm just saying I do not underestimate what a person is capable of with a knife. Especially when they have trained with it. And here are some facts for the female audience or those of you who have daughters. Women who are ages 16-19 statistically are more likely to be the victims of violent crime than anyone else in this country, with women ages 20-24 coming in second. Half of all the rapes in the U.S happen to women under the age of 18. One third of rapes in the U.S happen to women ages 12-17. To get a carry permit you have to be 21. So by the time women are legally able to carry a pistol in public they have passed the prime age for being attacked, raped, abducted or murdered. And there are also the many fine politicians who represent us in Washington D.C. who are dedicated to the disarmament of the American public.
  • Senator- Dianne Feinsteine Democrat-California : Interview with 60 minutes (1995) “If I could have gotten 51 votes in the senate of the United States for an outright ban picking up everyone of them (Firearms), Mr. and Mrs. America turn them all in, I would have done it”.
  • Rep. William L. Clay (D-St. Louis, Mo.), referenced to the Brady Bill as “The minimum step” that Congress should take to control handguns. “We need much stricter gun control, and eventually we should bar the ownership of handguns except in a few cases”
And the real horror story here is that for every shooting spree that takes place in this country, it gives more fuel for these politicians to “Take guns off the street”. And there is nothing John Q. Public can do from preventing these tragedies from happening; they are simply a disgusting byproduct of our morally bankrupt society. According to the latest official forecasts by the IMF, the U.S. Economy will be surpassed by China's in real terms by the year 2016. We are massively in debt to this communist superpower. We also have become so financially dependent on them that China is beginning to heavily influence our country's financial and economic policies. Don't forget they forbid their citizens from even owning firearms. Think that can't happen here? I beg to differ. Remember the mass gun confiscation in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina? I know the victims who had their guns confiscated at that time still do. Here's a handful of them and their comments on what happened that day.
  • Robert Zas- “Heed the warning of what this was, it's like Australia. All the sudden, boom, they’ve got our rights.”
  • Richard Styron- “They took 'em, and  they didn’t have a right to take 'em, they didn’t even have a reason to take 'em.”
  • Buell Teel- “Automatic rifles pointed at you, you don’t have any choice... They didn’t care what your rights were, they were going to deny them. It’s not America as we’ve known it before; it’s changing”
  • Wayne Schum- “We are living proof that all they have to do is say, 'look- this is the law'.”

What do you think would happen if policemen banged on your door and had M16's pointed at you and your family, one in the chamber, the safety off and ready to go? You see, when the police come to your house and tell you to give up your guns, the tough talk stops and you give them up, plain and simple. I hope this never happens to anybody, but no gun owner in this country should believe it's not a likely they will encounter a situation similar to this in the near future. The best self defense training is combining baton and knife drills with your firearms training. This won't solve all your problems, but it drastically improves your self defense training. A good folding knife, baton, combat boots and a bulletproof vest can go a long way if you keep a low profile.

Article by Rick Saxby

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