Brimstone Sudden Destruction
Hard-hitting Biblically Based Rock & Roll!

The Band:
Barry Gannon - guitar, harmonica, lead vocals
Ron Lewis (Bones) - drums, vocals
Austin Caldwell - lead guitar, vocals
"Survival Doc" - bass, vocals
Jesse (Fingers) Gannon - keyboards

The Accomplices:
Dan Gilbertson - guitar
Dave Goodwin - bass, vocals
Larry Kornfeld - keyboards
Teresa Zefo - vocals
Tom Zefo - guitar on "A Woman Who Fears The Lord"

All songs written by Barry Gannon.

Produced by Barry & Elise Gannon
© House of Brimstone Publishing (BMI). All rights reserved.

Track 1 (4:56) The River - It's a folksy soft rock tune written after the great Midwest flood of '93. We took it personally. Our drummer lost his home to the flood and so did one of the guys from the studio. We end it with a positive cause & effect moral. Play sample.

Track 2 (4:48) Total Overview - After recording this one, we all commented that it sort of sounds like the Moody Blues. Dave piped in and said "more like the Moody Jews". It's a nickname that has stuck to us. (We are Sabbath keeping Christians and so a lot of people think we are Jewish.) Play sample.

Track 3 (3:37) The Mighty Men of Olde - Barry was inspired to write this way back in 1972 when he was just a lad. Compares the time before the Noatian deluge with our time today, and ends with the prophecy concerning this generation. Teresa's vocals really augment this folk song. Play sample.

Track 4 (3:38) Red Moon - This one was written one Sabbath evening as the huge reddish orange moon was coming up over the horizon. The prophecy in the book of Joel came to mind. A hard-hitting rock tune developed. The rest is history. Play sample.

Track 5 (4:50) The Tribulation - We weren't sure we could use this one. It sounded empty and without enough punch for BRIMSTONE. But then Bones set the pace by laying down a dynamite drum part. Doc's bass line made us think the song had a chance to live. Jesse came through with some unique sounding keyboards that brought the song back to life. We now think it's one of our best. The ending is a blast. Play sample. .

Track 6 (2:30) A Woman Who Fears the Lord - Written by Barry for his awe inspiring wife Elise and was sung at their wedding (But she wouldn't let Barry sing it there.) Every album needs a mellow love song or two. Play Sample.

Track 7 (3:13) The Prince of the Scarlet Thread - Was originally going to be the title song of the album. This quick moving ballad tells the awesome story of where the throne of David can be found today. Play sample.

Track 8 (3:33) Sudden Destruction - Our title song. Austin's electric lead comes to life here in a dramatic way. This one might get us into trouble if people don't listen closely to the lyrics. The semi-cloaked message we deliver here is the most important truth for understanding end-time Bible prophecy. The title song of our next album will completely decloak the meaning, and tears of joy and sorrow will fill your eyes with the profound understanding that will be revealed then. One thing to remember, this song is not about that country in the Middle East called "Israel". Play sample.

Track 9 (3:38) Patiently Waiting - The key to this song was the drums. Bones brings us in and out of some very difficult rhythm changes dynamically and with precision. The acoustic lead in this song builds to a crescendo during an inspiring 32 measure riff. The lyrics speak of the powerful and triumphant return of the Messiah. Play sample.

Track 10 (4:22) Somethin' Good's Gonna Happen - We wanted to end on a positive note, and this tune filled the bill. It's just a good old fashioned rock and roll tune. It has a surprise intro and some pretty meaningful and thought provoking lyrics. Play sample.

Total Time 39:20

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