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Welcome to The New Survivalist, your most trusted source for preparedness and survival tips.

The New Survivalist started as a way for founder Chris Green to help others understand and give importance to practical and sensible preparedness. He explains a multitude of different topics ranging from disaster preparedness and wilderness survival to self-sufficiency.

Chris has always been dedicated to sharing his experiences with the survivalist community in hopes of creating a virtual space where everyone can feed their interest in preparedness.

Meet Chris Green

Chris Green

Chris Green was born in Winston Salem, North Carolina. Born to a father who’s a former U.S. Army Intelligence officer, it’s inevitable for him to know a thing or two about personal security, preparedness, survival, self-sufficiency, and readiness for one’s safety.

Chris has always had an adventurous soul, and his love for the outdoors eventually led him to become a professional life skills advisor. In his spare time he likes to write content for his survival and preparedness website.



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