S&W 66 vs 686: Key Differences Explained

Anarchy can quickly occur when SHTF. It is important to have some protection, or deterrent in case this happens. Having a handgun that is reliable, easy to use, and maintain is a good way to deter people with bad intentions towards you, your family, or your properties. A revolver is a good handgun for beginners … Read more

Firewood Best to Worst: 10 Woods That Burn the Longest

Firewood Best to Worst 10 Woods That Burn the Longest

Burning firewood provides a cozy ambience during cold winter weather. But, more than this, it gives off adequate heating to help you survive the freezing temperature. Hence, you should know which firewood can burn the longest and keep you warm throughout a cold night. The primary factors that affect the burning capacity of firewood are … Read more

AR 15 For Dummies: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

AR 15 For Dummies The Ultimate Beginner's Guide

AR-15 is among the most popular firearm models due to its lightweight, reliability, and availability. It is versatile and easy to use, making it great for beginners, preppers, and hunters. However, without adequate knowledge of its critical components, you might end up wasting its potential or even harming someone, including yourself, while using it. If … Read more