Energy Is The Key To Survival

Energy sources are very important during emergency situations. Different energy sources are used to power various pieces of equipment. This includes your car for transportation to your stove for cooking. All energy on Earth comes from the sun. It is absorbed by plants through photosynthesis which is then absorbed by humans and animals that eat … Read more Energy Is The Key To Survival

Long-Term Storage Of Special Survival Foods

After an emergency or environmental catastrophe, there’s no way of knowing when emergency respondents will arrive. It could take days to weeks, depending on your accessibility. It’s greatly beneficial to know how to pack and prepare food for long-term storage to ensure you and your family’s survival. The key takeaway is to keep your food … Read more Long-Term Storage Of Special Survival Foods

Waste Disposal During An Emergency

Waste disposal is still important during an emergency situation because the environmental crisis is still imminent. The improper disposal of wastes negatively affects the quality of water and soil, hence affecting life. Dirty water has been causing health problems like cholera and dysentery. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), water-borne diseases are responsible for … Read more Waste Disposal During An Emergency

Disaster Management Preparedness Introduction

A Lesson From Hurricane Katrina One of the worst hurricanes that ever struck the United States is Hurricane Katrina. It is a category 5 storm that happened last August 29, 2005, in the Gulf Coast. Eighteen hundred people died while another eighteen hundred were classified missing. The storm surge resulted in torn homes, ravaged infrastructure, … Read more Disaster Management Preparedness Introduction