Best Camo for Arizona: A Guide on Hunting Camo Patterns

Best Camouflage For Arizona Hunting

Hunting for wild game is a good way to survive during emergencies. If you live in Arizona, then you’re set to hunt for a diverse range of animals that will be your primary source of protein. Arizona is a desert-like habitat for big game like elk, javelina, mule deer, turkey, and more. The best camouflage … Read more

Best Metal for Boiling Water

Whats The Best Metal For Boiling Water

There’s a wide array of pots available on the market, each one with their own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to cooking or boiling water. There are three main types of metal for survival cookware: titanium, aluminum, and stainless steel. The best metal for boiling water is titanium because of its excellent and speedy … Read more

Remington 887 vs 870

Remington 887 vs 870

A shotgun is a useful firearm for protecting yourself during emergencies. You can also use this for animal hunting, especially when targeting big game. The Remington 887 and Remington 870 are the two most popular shotgun options for survivalists. Use the Remington 887 if you value durability, ergonomics, and design. The Remington 870 is better … Read more

Additional Resources for the New Survivalist

There’s no harm in arming yourself with more knowledge on how to survive. There’s no way of knowing how long certain disasters could last. You can’t predict when emergency services could get to your area or when things will go back to normal. The previous survival guides aimed to give you the bare minimum, which … Read more

Silver: The Poor Man’s Gold

Buying Silver For Survival There are three main reasons why people buy silver coins or silver bullion: for investments, to use as an inflation hedge, or for mere survival purposes. It’s a popular choice among preppers because it allows you to stay afloat and still have buying power at the instance of an emergency situation. … Read more

Emergency Preparedness Money Check List

Money is very important, even more so during emergency situations. Money is a currency used to attain your needs. During disaster situations, electricity might be cut off. That means ATM machines and cashless transactions might be unavailable. It largely helps to keep emergency cash in your emergency stash, bug out bags, first aid kit, and … Read more

Community Networking After a Disaster Strikes

Build Your Network Now Humans have always been very social beings. We’ve always banded together to increase our chances of survival. In fact, our survival is highly dependent on it. Our desire to be a part of a community is evident in the formation of groups, communities, tribes, and clans. As the popular saying goes, … Read more

Stockpile Extra Clothes for a Disaster

A disaster will cut off your energy source. That means your radiator, heater, and house thermostat will be rendered useless. You will experience cold and frigid nights, especially during the colder months of the year. One way to keep yourself warm is by lighting a fire in your furnace or a wood burning stove. The … Read more

Survival Planning On A Budget

“How Am I Going to Afford All This Stuff?” Survival planning isn’t exactly cheap. You need to buy a ton of resources that won’t be of immediate use to you. These survival items will be placed in storage and they include storage containers, clothing for all seasons, gardening equipment, camping equipment, water filters, first aid … Read more

Emergency Preparedness: Food

Food Storage Overview Food is essential for your survival. Food is the primary source of energy and nourishment to keep your body functional. It’s also very important to strive for a well-balanced meal. This will boost your resistance against diseases which is an essential factor for your survival. Golden Rule Of Food Storage The golden … Read more