Off Grid Communication: 9 Options to Keep You Connected

Off Grid Communication 9 Options to Keep You Connected

Information is a valuable resource, and a means to reliably transfer and receive it is an essential part of prepping for survival. As such, aside from the use of smartphones that relies on cellular networks and data, preppers should learn and invest in other means of long-distance communication. Here is a list of reliable devices … Read more

CB vs Ham Radio: Their Differences and How to Use Them

CB vs Ham Radio Their Differences and How to Use Them

The CB and Ham radios are both two-way communication devices that enable an operator to transmit and receive audio over long distances. Both operate in different frequencies and are regulated to stay that way to prevent interference with each other. The main differences between a CB and Ham radio boils to the following characteristics: CB … Read more

How To Get Ham Radio Technician’s License

How To Get Ham Radio Technician's License

Ham radio is also known as amateur radio. It is a communications platform that’s used for both normal and emergency scenarios. Ham radio is not that easy to operate which is why there’s a need for a license. The reason why ham radios are preferred for emergency communications is because of signal resilience. A ham … Read more

How to Protect Phone from EMP in 2 Effective Ways

How To Protect Your Phone From EMP

Electromagnetic pulses are real threats that can damage your phones, tablets, and other devices. It disables communication which is crucial if SHTF. The best way to protect your phone from an EMP attack is by using a Faraday cage. This cage can be a store-bought or a makeshift metal cage that shields your phone from … Read more

Staying in Touch After a Disaster

As a survivalist, one of the most important things to prepare for is how to have a way to communicate during emergency situations. You need to consider that your phone might run out of battery or you can lose phone signal any time. Some of the more reliable emergency communications channels you can use include: … Read more