Do Goats Eat Carrots? Is It Safe? #Answered

Goats are excellent animals for survivalists and homesteading. They’re typically grown as a source of milk, tallow, and meat. A goat’s diet is typically composed of plant matter such as hay, grasses, weeds, and grains.

Do goats eat carrots? Yes, goats can eat carrots because carrots are rich in fiber and nutrients. The carrots may be served raw, boiled, or steamed. However, similar to watermelons, carrots mustn’t be fed as a staple but should only be eaten as a supplement or snack.

It’s important to feed goats with the proper diet so that they grow up healthy and disease-free. Too much carrots in their diet can cause complications like weight gain, urinary calculi, digestive disorders, and flatulence.

Can I Feed Carrots To My Goats?

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Yes, it’s okay to feed carrots to goats. However, the carrots should only be given in small amounts and shouldn’t be a staple in the goat’s diet. It may seem beneficial to feed them food like carrots that are loaded with vitamins and minerals, but it can actually be harmful.

Goats are wild animals by nature and the process of domesticating them is relatively new. That’s why their diet must mimic their food in the wild. Their digestive systems still haven’t evolved sufficiently to adapt to the diet of domesticated animals.

Feeding goats too many carrots can cause massive weight gain, urinary calculi, digestive disorders, and bloating issues. Other goat growers also report allergic reactions that cause itching on their tongue, mouth, and throat. Goats may also experience flatulence or too much stomach gas.

How To Prepare Carrots For Goats

Carrots are good for goats for as long as they aren’t fed excessively. You can give an adult goat two to three carrots per week. It can be a healthy and delicious snack for them. The best way to feed the carrots is to chop them up and then mix them with the hay. It’s inadvisable to feed them with your hands because goats have very strong jaws, molars, and sharp teeth. They can easily injure you by biting your hand.

It’s very important to cut down the carrot into bite-sized pieces because goats are unable to open their mouths wide enough to fit large carrots. Cutting the carrots also minimizes the chances of choking. There’s no need to peel the carrots before feeding them to the goats but you may wash them to get rid of dirt, soil, and other debris.

Carrot tops may also be fed to goats, but you can’t expect them to eat them since goats are picky eaters. Carrot tops are completely safe for them to consume so you can just chop them up and mix them with the hay. Make sure that the carrot tops are fresh because old or decayed carrot tops can cause illnesses. These should also be fed in moderation because carrot tops, like other garden greens, contain high amounts of glucosinolates which can be harmful to goats in excessive amounts. Similarly, young greens have high glucosinolate content so avoid those.

Even the roots of the carrots can be fed to goats. Just wash them to get rid of soil, debris, or traces of pesticides. They should also be chopped into bite-sized pieces.

Can Baby Goats Eat Carrots?

No. Baby goats have a very sensitive digestive system. Their digestive system is only capable of digesting their mother’s milk and nothing else. A carrot is too tough and may cause indigestion and hyperacidity. It can also become a choking hazard.

The average weaning days for baby goats is 14 to 28 days. During this period, they should only be fed their mother’s milk and nothing else. Solid food may be introduced to them once they hit 30 days of age. Carrots can be fed around 60 days after birth.

Make sure to carefully transition the baby goat’s diet so that their digestive system will have ample time to adjust to the new bacteria. Introduce new food in small quantities. Make sure they’re properly cleaned and chopped so that the baby goats can eat them without issues.

Benefits Of Feeding Carrots In Moderation

Carrots are loaded with nutrients and fiber which makes them a great addition to the typical goat diet. The first benefit of feeding carrots is that they’re great sources of vitamins A, B, C, D, and K. They’re also loaded with minerals and fibers.

Carrots have high amounts of carotenoids which help improve the eye and heart health of goats. Another benefit is that chewing on carrots can help improve the dental health of your goat. The abundance of fibers can also improve their bowel movement and help them relieve digestive issues like constipation.

The last benefit is that carrots help boost the immune system of goats. Carrots are loaded with vitamin C which helps them build antibodies that increase their resistance to diseases.

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