Firewood Best to Worst: 10 Woods That Burn the Longest

Firewood Best to Worst 10 Woods That Burn the Longest

Burning firewood provides a cozy ambience during cold winter weather. But, more than this, it gives off adequate heating to help you survive the freezing temperature. Hence, you should know which firewood can burn the longest and keep you warm throughout a cold night. The primary factors that affect the burning capacity of firewood are … Read more

How To Heat A Tent – 7 Safe Ways To Stay Warm

How To Heat A Tent - 7 Safe Ways To Stay Warm

Heat is essential to maintain our normal body functions. The normal body temperature is around 98.6 oF (37 oC). People tend to lose body heat faster when exposed to moisture, and cold weather. If too much heat is lost, and the body temperature falls below 95 oF (35 oC), a medical emergency called hypothermia occurs … Read more

Essential Medical Supplies for Preppers: A Complete List

Essential Medical Supplies for Preppers A Complete List

Accidents, calamities, medical emergencies, and unforeseen events can turn a person’s life upside down. Being prepared to face these challenges when SHTF can become the difference between surviving, and dying. A good prepper will have a small kit of medical supplies on-hand. But a great prepper will have an extensive list of supplies, tools, and … Read more