Top 20 Barter Items to Stockpile in Case of a SHTF

Top 20 Barter Items to Stockpile in Case of a Disaster

Barter items will help you keep afloat during SHTF. You can use your resources and exchange them for the supplies that you’re low on. Some of the most important barter items to stockpile include: water food medical supplies light or heat source feminine products tools spices offline entertainment fishing and hunting supplies ammunition duct tape … Read more

Off-Grid Living Legal States: Top 12 States Where To Live Freely

Off-grid living is sustainable living in complete privacy with little to no human interaction. This is challenging because it means living without electricity, water, and other utilities. The top 12 states that are best for off-grid living include: Alabama Missouri Georgia Maine Tennessee Texas Montana Ohio Arizona Vermont Oregon North Carolina When choosing a state, … Read more

How to Prepare For a Food Shortage: A Fool-Proof Guide

How to Prepare For a Food Shortage A Fool-Proof Guide

Food security is a significant factor in survival, but it may be compromised by unfortunate emergencies such as calamities, government issues, and global pandemics. These emergencies may occur unexpectedly and result in a food shortage; thus, it is essential to prepare for it as early as you can. Food-storage is an important factor to consider. … Read more