Emergency Preparedness: Food

Food Storage Overview Food is essential for your survival. Food is the primary source of energy and nourishment to keep your body functional. It’s also very important to strive for a well-balanced meal. This will boost your resistance against diseases which is an essential factor for your survival. Golden Rule Of Food Storage The golden … Read more

General Facts About Water

Water is very abundant on earth. It covers seventy percent of the earth’s surface. Despite that fact, not all water resources can be consumed by the human body. Only three percent of the water on earth is fresh water and can be transformed into something potable and for human use. Water is very important to … Read more

Food Preservation Techniques

After you’ve acquired a fresh kill, there’s a possibility that you’ll have a lot of leftover meat. Small game like rabbits, squirrels, and ducks are good for a meal. Larger animals like deer will surely give you multiple servings for days. It’s a handy skill to know how to preserve the excess meat so that … Read more

Long-Term Storage Of Special Survival Foods

Long-Term Storage Of Special Survival Foods

After an emergency or environmental catastrophe, there’s no way of knowing when emergency respondents will arrive. It could take days to weeks, depending on your accessibility. It’s greatly beneficial to know how to pack and prepare food for long-term storage to ensure you and your family’s survival. The key takeaway is to keep your food … Read more

Edibles from the Wild

Knowing which botanical plants can be eaten is handy knowledge for everyone. Believe it or not, there are so many edible plants that are incredibly abundant. Some of the most common edibles from the wild include dandelions, plantains, cattails, and wild game. Wild game includes small animals like rabbit, squirrels, and pigeons. Large game includes … Read more