How To Get Ham Radio Technician's License

How To Get Ham Radio Technician’s License

Ham radio is also known as amateur radio. It is a communications platform that’s used for both normal and emergency scenarios. Before you can legally use a ham radio, you have to get a license and learn the rules.

The reason why ham radios are preferred for emergency communications is because of signal resilience. A ham radio can still be used even in terrible weather and in any location. You can set it up in a random field and expect it to still be functional. It doesn’t need an internet signal to work.

How To Get Ham Radio Technician’s License

You can only operate a Ham radio after you’ve obtained a license. You can get licensed for it in three easy steps

Step 1: Study

study exam

The first step is to prepare for the ham radio licensure exam. There are numerous resources online. One good example is the official ham radio review site: This site allows you to get an overview of the ham radio, get links to more study materials, and even form online study sessions so that you can review with a group.

There’s no need to memorize the material from cover to cover. You simply need to familiarize yourself with the contents by reading the pages multiple times.

Step 2: Take A Practice Exam

practice exam

One way to gauge your preparedness for the test is by taking a practice exam. There are numerous practice exams available online and for free. One example is

Make sure you get a score of least 93% each time. If you keep on getting lower scores, don’t worry! Reread the study materials and retake the exams. Take all the time you need to be fully prepared before you schedule your final exam.

Step 3: Take The Licensure Exam

taking exam

Now it’s time to schedule your licensure exam. Visit and enter your ZIP code. You’ll be provided with a list of testing centers, time slots, and date availability that is near you.

The total cost for the license and exam is fifteen dollars. You can get a good-quality ham radio for about thirty to forty dollars. With just around fifty-five dollars and a bit of your time, you can become a licensed ham radio operator. This skill will come in handy during any emergency situation because you’ll always be connected to the rest of the world.

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