How To Protect Your Phone From EMP

How to Protect Phone from EMP in 2 Effective Ways

Electromagnetic pulses are real threats that can damage your phones, tablets, and other devices. It disables communication which is crucial if SHTF.

How to protect phone from EMP attack? The best way to protect your phone from an EMP attack is by using a Faraday cage. This cage blocks out electromagnetic radiation and shields your phone from EMP attacks. You can get it from a store or build it yourself.

It’s very important to protect your phone, especially in this era of technological dependence. Having a functional phone during an emergency allows you to stay connected to the rest of the world.

What is an EMP?

emp signal tower

There’s a general lack of information regarding EMP attacks, their severity, and when they might possibly occur. The last EMP attacks were from the nuclear tests held by the American and Soviet nations back in the 1960s.

How Long Does It Last?

According to the EMP Commission, an EMP attack’s effects can last anywhere between six months to ten years. There are three phases during an EMP attack:


This is the first phase and it only happens during the first one to five nanoseconds of the EMP explosion. The gamma radiation from the bomb will cascade to the earth’s surface, blanketing it and knocking electrons out of the air. Once the energy reaches your electronics, the microchips will get short-circuited and get irreparably damaged.


The second phase happens immediately after the first phase and lasts anywhere between one microsecond to one second. This is the initial energy surge that will sweep the power grid. This is dangerous because it can jump from one grid to another, hence affecting a large area at a single time.


This is the last energy wave with a duration of ten seconds to a few minutes. This has the same effects as a solar flare. Its effects will disperse throughout the national grid. This can affect everything – power lines, telephone lines, and other long metal conductors. It will definitely cripple the technology-dependent society.

How To Make a Faraday Cage

Government-issued faraday cages and bags often cost a fortune. You can make your own cage at home using household items.

Shoebox And Aluminum Foil

shoebox aluminum foil

Take a shoebox with a lid. Use a box that’s sturdy and dry. Measure the box and then cut out the areas on the aluminum foil. It’s best to use a roll of uninterrupted aluminum foil so that there won’t be gaps that EMP can get through. Cut out three pieces based on your measurements and layer them on top of each other. Tape them to the box and the lid. Seal your phone inside the box.

Galvanized Metal Bucket

galvanized bucket

Another DIY option is by using a galvanized metal bucket. The bucket itself will serve as the body of your DIY faraday cage.

Check the label to make sure the bucket is galvanized. Plastic buckets don’t offer protection against EMP. These galvanized metal buckets are usually available at hardware stores. Line the bucket with uninterrupted aluminum foil or aluminum tape. Add more aluminum tape to the handles and other attachment points that may have holes.

Line the interior with some thick cardboard. This serves as an insulator and also prevents your gadgets from making contact with the metal surface of the bucket. Lastly, place your phone inside and place the lid.

You can test both of the aforementioned DIY faraday cages by using a radio or attempting to contact your phone. Try playing the radio through FM and AM channels. Try calling the phone using another phone. If the signals can still get through, that means there might be leaks in your cages that you’ll need to reinforce with aluminum foil.

What Is Nesting?

This is a multilayer protection technique. One faraday bag is placed inside another faraday bag. As such, it offers two protective layers instead of one. This is helpful against modern Super-EMP weapons that can pierce through thicker shielding.

There’s an option for manufacturers to create thicker EMP bags, but this results in thicker and more brittle containers. It’s important to keep the faraday bags flexible so it’s easy to store them they’ll last longer. The flexibility makes the bags more resistant to cracking to ensure that the devices inside stay protected, no matter what.

How to Protect Phone from an EMP Attack

An EMP attack will affect everything. Your priority should be to protect your phones, gadgets, and other electronics. The next thing to protect is your generator. Cover the generator with a faraday bag if it’s an electronic generator. There’s no need for the bag if you have a solar, water turbine, propane, gas, or diesel generator.

Society will crumble after an intense EMP attack. It will take a while for everything to re-stabilize. That’s why it’s important to cover the twelve key areas for long-term survival: water, power, security, food, medical, shelter, waste treatment, communication, transportation, entertainment, and bank/barter.

Final Thoughts

energy spark

After an EMP attack, don’t rush to open your faraday cage. Refrain from pulling out your gadgets. There could be leftover electromagnetic pulses that can damage your gadgets. It’s safer to wait for a few days or weeks after the attack before using your items. There are other EMP attacks that come in waves to really target every single electronic device.

It’s advisable to get two sets of faraday cages. The first cage, which you’ll open first, should contain the secondary gear. The second cage should house your most important gear and should be opened a few weeks after the EMP attack.

Gear protection against an EMP attack isn’t difficult. It’s all about taking the necessary precautions to minimize the damage as much as possible. You should also remember that this catastrophe may disable the local government units. That means you can’t rely on them for your survival so you should do your part to prepare for the worst-case scenario.

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