Off Grid Communication: 9 Options to Keep You Connected

Off Grid Communication 9 Options to Keep You Connected

Information is a valuable resource, and a means to reliably transfer and receive it is an essential part of prepping for survival. As such, aside from the use of smartphones that relies on cellular networks and data, preppers should learn and invest in other means of long-distance communication. Here is a list of reliable devices … Read more

4 Types of Axes for Bushcraft Skills and Survival

Types of Axes for Bushcraft Skills and Survival

Axes are an indispensable tool for preppers and survivalists. It comes in various lengths, sizes, and weights. Depending on the task at hand, there’s an appropriate type that should be used to make the job easier. There’s a wide variety of axes with overlapping names and functions. In general, there are 4 types of axes … Read more

Prepper Garden: Most Reliable Crops & How to Grow Them

Prepper Garden Most Reliable Crops & How to Grow Them

One of the key goals for surviving when SHTF is the establishment of a reliable food source. It can be achieved through various means like hunting, foraging, bartering, and gardening. Having one’s prepper garden is going to be essential for food security. Below are some crops that are easy to grow, have a good yield, … Read more

Does Seaweed Go Bad? Ways to Maximize Its Shelf-life

Does Seaweed Go Bad Ways to Maximize Its Shelf-life

Seaweed is a nutrient dense food rich in fiber, protein, and vitamins like vitamin K and folic acid (vitamin B9). It can be bought fresh, dried, and seasoned. All of which have different shelf lives. A batch of fresh seaweed will last for 3-4 days in the fridge, while dried, packed seaweed will last for … Read more

Tomahawk vs Axe – Which is a Better All Around Tool?

Tomahawk vs Axe - Which Is A Better All Around Tool (edit)

Tools are usually made with a specific function in mind, which means there is no true all-around tool. For preppers staying in one location, it is possible to keep multiple kinds of tools to aid in accomplishing the task at hand. The tomahawk and the axe may look similar but have completely different areas where … Read more

S&W 66 vs 686: Key Differences Explained

Anarchy can quickly occur when SHTF. It is important to have some protection, or deterrent in case this happens. Having a handgun that is reliable, easy to use, and maintain is a good way to deter people with bad intentions towards you, your family, or your properties. A revolver is a good handgun for beginners … Read more