AR 15 For Dummies: The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

AR 15 For Dummies The Ultimate Beginner's Guide

AR-15 is among the most popular firearm models due to its lightweight, reliability, and availability. It is versatile and easy to use, making it great for beginners, preppers, and hunters. However, without adequate knowledge of its critical components, you might end up wasting its potential or even harming someone, including yourself, while using it. If … Read more

Best Time to Hunt Deer: 7 Useful Tips & Tricks

Best Time to Hunt Deer 7 Useful Tips & Tricks

When SHTF, there might be no other reliable sources of food. Preppers and survivalists will have to rely on the bounties nature provides. Hunting your own game will become an essential skill for survival. In North America, deer are abundant and can be a viable source of food in an apocalyptic future. The best time … Read more

How To Heat A Tent – 7 Safe Ways To Stay Warm

How To Heat A Tent - 7 Safe Ways To Stay Warm

Heat is essential to maintain our normal body functions. The normal body temperature is around 98.6 oF (37 oC). People tend to lose body heat faster when exposed to moisture, and cold weather. If too much heat is lost, and the body temperature falls below 95 oF (35 oC), a medical emergency called hypothermia occurs … Read more

Difference Between Axe and Hatchet: An In-Depth Comparison

Difference Between Axe and Hatchet An In-Depth Comparison

Time is a valuable resource for preppers. Using the right tool can exponentially increase productivity and save time. When SHTF, proper time management is an important variable to consider for increasing survivability. Using the proper tool for the job, to finish it efficiently is a must. There are two tools, that have a long history … Read more