How To Tell If IBC Tote Is Food-Grade

How To Tell If IBC Tote Is Food-Grade

Intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) are very popular in bulk storage solutions. They are used to house food and water for long-term storage. An IBC tote is food-grade if the packaging says so. The bottom of the tote usually has a sign that it says it’s food-grade, located beside the signs that indicate it’s recyclable and … Read more

Can You Use Diesel In A Kerosene Heater?

Can You Use Diesel In A Kerosene Heater

Kerosene heaters are efficient ways to keep your space warm. They’re not reliant on energy which is why they’re ideal for disaster situations. Yes, you can use diesel in a kerosene heater. However, you need to prepare the diesel first through three steps: Prepare the correct type of diesel Use diesel additives Use the correct … Read more

Can You Eat Canned Soup Cold?

Can You Eat Canned Soup Cold

Canned foods are standard survivalist foods. They have a long shelf-life and they come in a wide array of options. Yes, you can eat canned soup even if it’s cold. All canned foods are pre-cooked before being packaged. The primary reason to heat up canned soup is to enhance its flavors and to help keep … Read more

Can You Dehydrate Canned Vegetables?

Can You Dehydrate Canned Vegetables

Food dehydration is a popular food preparation method among survivalists and backpackers. It aims to eliminate water from food to make it more compact, lighter, and to prevent the onset of spoiling by stopping the growth of microorganisms. Yes, it’s completely possible to dehydrate canned vegetables. It’s better to dehydrate canned vegetables that can withstand … Read more

How Long Can You Keep Fish After Catching?

How Long Can You Keep Fish After Catching

Fishing is a sustainable way to get a source of meat and protein during an emergency. You can do this in any clean body of water. Ideally, it’s best to cook the ungutted fish within six to twelve hours of capture. The fish must be cleaned, bled, and gutted before storage. Refrigerated fish at 40 … Read more

How To Get Ham Radio Technician’s License

How To Get Ham Radio Technician's License

Ham radio is also known as amateur radio. It is a communications platform that’s used for both normal and emergency scenarios. Ham radio is not that easy to operate which is why there’s a need for a license. The reason why ham radios are preferred for emergency communications is because of signal resilience. A ham … Read more

How To Keep Fish Alive After Catching

How To Keep Fish Alive After Catching

Fishing is a good way to obtain food during prolonged survival situations, especially if you’re stranded near bodies of water like a lake, creek, pond, or river. You can keep the fish alive by catching it properly and humanely. Catch the fish using a fishing line or through a net. Transfer the fish into a … Read more

How to Protect Phone from EMP in 2 Effective Ways

How To Protect Your Phone From EMP

Electromagnetic pulses are real threats that can damage your phones, tablets, and other devices. It disables communication in a community. The best way to protect your phone from an EMP attack is by using a Faraday cage. This cage can be a store-bought or a makeshift metal cage that shields your phone from EMP and … Read more

Best Camo for Arizona: A Guide on Hunting Camo Patterns

Best Camouflage For Arizona Hunting

Hunting for wild game is a good way to survive during emergencies. If you live in Arizona, then you’re set to hunt for a diverse range of animals that will be your primary source of protein. Arizona is a desert-like habitat for big game like elk, javelina, mule deer, turkey, and more. The best camouflage … Read more

Best Metal for Boiling Water

Whats The Best Metal For Boiling Water

There’s a wide array of pots available on the market, each one with their own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to cooking or boiling water. There are three main types of metal for survival cookware: titanium, aluminum, and stainless steel. The best metal for boiling water is titanium because of its excellent and speedy … Read more