Remington 887 vs 870

Remington 887 vs 870

A shotgun is a useful firearm for protecting yourself during emergencies. You can also use it to hunt animals and for self-defense in a SHTF situation.

The Remington 887 and Remington 870 are the two most popular shotgun options for survivalists. Use the Remington 887 if you value durability, ergonomics, and design. The Remington 870 is better in terms of safety, efficiency, and customization.

It’s very important to store the shotgun properly when not in use. To prevent rust and mildew, you should not store your shotgun in a sealed plastic case, as this can trap moisture. Moreover, make sure to keep it unloaded and store in a place where children can’t access it.

Remington Shotguns Basic Guide For Hunting

sunset man shotgun

Remington remains to be one of the most reliable shotgun manufacturers in the market. Both 887 and 870 models can support differently-sized shells. It’s important to use the proper shells for the game you wish to shoot.

Birds or target loads: Federal 2 ¾ 6 shot, Federal 2 ¾ 71/2 shot, and Winchester 2 ¾ 8 shot

Buckshot: Royal buck 00 2 ¾, Federal premium 00 2 3/4, and Herter’s 00 2 ¾


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The loading tube feed ramp of the 887 is better than the 870. The ramp tucks into the tube as you load more shells. This is safer than the 870 which moves really fast and has the tendency to gouge your thumb in the process.

However, there was a recall action for the 887 in 2015. Its manufacture was discontinued due to defects in the models that were manufactured between December 1, 2013, and November 24, 2014. The guns manufactured during this time-frame resulted in unintentional discharge from the firing pin that sometimes binds forward. This dangerous occurrence also happens even while the safety pin is on.

All you need to do is to check the serial number of the 887 and then cross-reference it with the list of units manufactured between December 1, 2013, and November 24, 2014. The list is uploaded on their website. If your gun is manufactured during those dates, it’s better to turn it in for repairs.

Winner: Remington 870


shotgun case

Both models exhibit the signature durability of Remington guns. The guns are manufactured with ArmorLokt finish. It is deemed impenetrable. Remington guns were even subjected to tests like soaking the gun in brine solutions to check for leaks in the polymer. No leaks were found. That means the guns are very resistant to rusts, stains, and other corrosives.

Remington’s in-house engineers also tested the guns by firing 10, 000 shells consecutively. The heat and overuse did nothing to separate the coating from the gun. The stress likewise had no effects on the coating.

The 887 was actually awarded as the “most durable shotgun on the planet” by the NRA Golden Bullseye in 2011. The review heavily raved about the gun’s durability and how it should be a staple for every household.

Winner: Remington 887

Ergonomics And Design

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The 887 looks much like the 870. The core design was retained, particularly on the receiver, barrel, and action. Both guns exhibit the signature Remington aesthetic of “synthetic black” shades and harsh edges. You get more color options for the 887 as you can go for one of the Advantage MAX-4 HD camouflage options. These options include shades like “Waterfowl,” “Turkey,” and “Bone Collector”.

The primary difference is the 887’s dual-lug rotating bolt head. The 870 uses a single lug for locking and then has a metal dust cover that slides on the pins. The next difference is the release. The 870 has a slide release that dims in comparison to the convenient button of the 887. This button is located behind the trigger guard.

The 887 is also easier to strip and dismantle for cleaning. The 870 has more parts with inaccessible corners that may be challenging to clean and put back together.

Winner: Draw


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Both shotguns are easy to swivel and point at any target. However, there’s more payload when using the 887. The two sight beads can also be distracting for beginners. There’s a red one located in the middle of the barrel and a lime green one at the end of the barrel. While it helps you take better aim, it is a bit confusing and will need some adjusting to.

Both shotguns have cushioned butt-pads that handle recoil well. The discomfort starts when you use 3 ½-inch shells with the 887. The kickback will definitely strain your shoulders and may even cause the gun to shear off the extractor.

It’s also noticeable that the 877 is efficient in the shell action cycles. It performs just fine when loading and firing different ammunition. For example, you can load 2 ¾”, 3”, and 3 ½” rounds of shells and expect the shotgun to adjust seamlessly. However, the 870 still has a smoother transition when it comes to varying shell sizes.

Winner: Remington 870


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It’s easier to find accessories for the 870 compared to the 887. Both have different sight options available. Some customizations that you can try out include extended magazine tube, muzzle breaching devices, Picatinny rails, and different tactical stocks.

Winner: Remington 870

The Bottom Line

Both the Remington 870 and 877 are remarkable shotguns for survivalists. The 870 is a classic as it was manufactured first. It’s the better option if you value safety, durability, and customization. This shotgun also has excellent ergonomics and can provide superior comfort compared to the 877.

The 877 is a more affordable version, with only minor upgrades. The 877 is more durable and also has better ergonomics. However, it’s not as easy to customize. There was also the issue of recall due to a manufacturing error, hence making some of its units unsafe.

The Ten Commandments of Firearms Safety

A firearm is useful yet incredibly dangerous when mishandled. Make sure to abide by the following commandments to keep yourself and your family safe when handling a Remington firearm.

  1. Keep the gun’s muzzle pointed in a safe direction at all times.
  2. The firearms must be unloaded when not in use.
  3. Don’t be complacent about the gun safety feature of the firearm
  4. Look at what’s beyond your target and make sure everything’s safe behind it
  5. Always use the gun with the corresponding ammunition
  6. If the gun fails to fire, handle with care. This could lead to delayed firing or backfiring
  7. Always use protective eyewear like glasses or goggles
  8. Check the barrel for obstructions before using the guns
  9. Never modify or alter the structure of the gun. Have it periodically serviced by professionals.
  10. Thoroughly study the proper way to handle your gun by reading its accompanying manual. This prevents mishandling and accidents.

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