Best Canned Food for Long Term Storage & Their Shelf Lives

Best Canned Food for Long Term Storage & Their Shelf Lives

In 1974, chemists at the National Food Processors Association (NFPA) analyzed the contents of canned goods recovered from a steamboat that sunk in the Mississippi River more than 100 years ago. Although the food has lost its fresh smell and original appearance, there was no trace of microbial contamination and was deemed safe for consumption … Read more

Disadvantages of Vacuum Sealing Food: 5 Useful Facts

Disadvantages of Vacuum Sealing Food 5 Useful Facts

Vacuum sealing is a great way to save space and increase the shelf life of most food. However, it’s far from perfect and comes with its set of disadvantages. Disadvantages: Needs special bags Not all bags are reusable Expensive Anaerobic bacteria will thrive Can’t vacuum seal delicate food Some food will still spoil even if … Read more

Prepper Garden: Most Reliable Crops & How to Grow Them

Prepper Garden Most Reliable Crops & How to Grow Them

One of the key goals for surviving when SHTF is the establishment of a reliable food source. It can be achieved through various means like hunting, foraging, bartering, and gardening. Having one’s prepper garden is going to be essential for food security. Below are some crops that are easy to grow, have a good yield, … Read more

Does Seaweed Go Bad? Ways to Maximize Its Shelf-life

Does Seaweed Go Bad Ways to Maximize Its Shelf-life

Seaweed is a nutrient dense food rich in fiber, protein, and vitamins like vitamin K and folic acid (vitamin B9). It can be bought fresh, dried, and seasoned. All of which have different shelf lives. A batch of fresh seaweed will last for 3-4 days in the fridge, while dried, packed seaweed will last for … Read more

Best Time to Hunt Deer: 7 Useful Tips & Tricks

Best Time to Hunt Deer 7 Useful Tips & Tricks

When SHTF, there might be no other reliable sources of food. Preppers and survivalists will have to rely on the bounties nature provides. Hunting your own game will become an essential skill for survival. In North America, deer are abundant and can be a viable source of food in an apocalyptic future. The best time … Read more

Beef Tallow Uses, Storage, & Practical Tips For Preppers

Beef Tallow Uses, Storage, & Practical Tips For Preppers

Beef tallow is a useful survival item for its many practical applications. Tallow can be obtained from any animal fat, but the quality is best when extracted from cows. Beef tallow can be used in cooking, candle-making, skincare, health, lubrication, soap-making, and more. It can be stored indefinitely for as long as it is placed … Read more