Tomahawk vs Axe – Which is a Better All Around Tool?

Tomahawk vs Axe - Which Is A Better All Around Tool (edit)

Tools are usually made with a specific function in mind, which means there is no true all-around tool. For preppers staying in one location, it is possible to keep multiple kinds of tools to aid in accomplishing the task at hand. The tomahawk and the axe may look similar but have completely different areas where … Read more

Best Time to Hunt Deer: 7 Useful Tips & Tricks

Best Time to Hunt Deer 7 Useful Tips & Tricks

When SHTF, there might be no other reliable sources of food. Preppers and survivalists will have to rely on the bounties nature provides. Hunting your own game will become an essential skill for survival. In North America, deer are abundant and can be a viable source of food in an apocalyptic future. The best time … Read more

Best Camo for Arizona: A Guide on Hunting Camo Patterns

Best Camouflage For Arizona Hunting

Hunting for wild game is a good way to survive during emergencies. If you live in Arizona, then you’re set to hunt for a diverse range of animals that will be your primary source of protein. Arizona is a desert-like habitat for big game like elk, javelina, mule deer, turkey, and more. The best camouflage … Read more