How to Prepare For a Food Shortage: A Fool-Proof Guide

How to Prepare For a Food Shortage A Fool-Proof Guide

Food security is a significant factor in survival, but it may be compromised by unfortunate emergencies such as calamities, government issues, and global pandemics. These emergencies may occur unexpectedly and result in a food shortage; thus, it is essential to prepare for it as early as you can. Food-storage is an important factor to consider. … Read more

37 Longest Lasting Canned Foods to Keep on Your Shelf

37 Longest Lasting Canned Foods to Keep in Your Shelf

Canned Foods are perfect during SHTF situations. They are an excellent choice to stock when preparing for unexpected events like a global pandemics, natural disasters, and government issues that may lead to a sudden food shortage crisis. When choosing between the types and brands of canned foods, one thing to note is their best-by date … Read more

Storing Rice Long Term: 6 Useful Ways to Keep It Fresh

Storing Rice Long Term 6 Useful Ways to Keep It Fresh

Rice is easy to prepare and doesn’t need a large space for storage, making it a great addition to your emergency food stack. Some types of rice last longer than others. But, as long as you store them properly, most can last for about five years to over a decade. The degradation of rice quality … Read more

Best Food for Long Term Storage: Their Shelf Life and More

Best Food for Long Term Storage Their Shelf Life and More

Stockpiling food is an integral part of a household’s emergency preparedness plan. But, not all food is suitable for long term storage, so you should know which food to stock and how long it will last on your shelf. Food ideal for long-term storage includes grains, beans, canned or dried goods, powdered drinks, and condiments. … Read more

Can You Eat Chipmunk? And How to Prepare & Cook It

Can You Eat A Chipmunk

During emergencies, you might need to catch small game, like chipmunks or squirrels, to have something to eat. Knowing how to hunt, prepare, and cook small game is a sustainable way to feed yourself. Yes, you can eat a chipmunk. They’re a good source of protein and are readily available in most forests. Here’s how … Read more

Expired Ramen Noodles? You Might Still Be Able To Eat Them!

Can Ramen Noodles Expire

Ramen noodles are basic emergency foods because they’re easy to prepare, cheap, and have a long shelf-life. Yes, ramen noodles can expire. Their expiration dates are usually indicated on their packaging. Cup noodles expire six months after production. Bagged noodles expire eight months after production. It’s inadvisable to consume expired ramen noodles but there may … Read more

How Long Can You Keep Fish On Ice?

How Long Can You Keep Fish On Ice

During an emergency, refrigeration may be unavailable due to a power outage. Your best option for keeping your catch fresh, particularly fish, is to ice them. You can keep fresh and gutted fish on ice for up to five days, three if they are filleted. Ungutted fish will last for 24 to 48 hours on … Read more

How Long Before Deer Meat Spoils & How to Detect Spoilage

How Long Before Deer Meat Spoils

Killing big game, particularly deer, is a good way to gather food during a disaster. One killed animal will last you weeks which is why it’s important to know when it’ll spoil and how to prevent spoilage. The answer is that it depends based on factors like temperature, weather, location, and meat storage. If the … Read more